The Golden Spike Rodeo is the “oldest rodeo in Utah!”…and it doesn’t fail to impress! This historic rodeo celebrates 98 years!

The Golden Spike Rodeo was has garnered many awards! Take a look below at some of our accolades:

                                                                                   2021 – WPRA medium ‘Rodeo of the Year’

2018 – 1st Place Wilderness Circuit, ‘Justin Best Footing’ Award

2017 – 1st Place, ‘Justin Best Footing’ Award

2016 – 2nd Place, ‘Justin Best Footing’ Award

2016 – Utah Wilderness Circuit Small Outdoor Rodeo of the Year

2015 – Utah Large Rodeo of the Year

Brent Rose, Rodeo Chairman, 435-279-3284
Denny Allred, Committee Member, 435-257-0217

J.D. Wilde, Committee Member, 435-720-2301
Jay Carter, Committee Member, 435-452-1492