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Trick Roping Sensation Rider Kiesner (Dress Act of the Year 2020)

to Appear at Golden Spike Rodeo!

Rider Kiesner has travelled around the world and has been featured at the country’s largest rodeos including being featured seven times at the National Finals rodeo and nine times at the Cheyenne Frontier days known as the “Daddy of’em all”.¬† He performs trick roping with his rope. He pairs the wild west skill of roping with art to perform intricate maneuvers with his rope. He is able to spin the loop around his body and jump in and out of it. He is so blessed that he won the esteemed title of World Champion Trick Roper four times.

He is also very well known for his talent with whips. Whip cracking is very dangerous because the sound of the whip cracking is actually the sound barrier breaking going over seven hundred miles per hour. Rider amazes audiences with a flurry of tricks, including removing a small target from his own head. He won the title of World Champion Gun Spinner two times for his outstanding skills spinning and juggling guns.

Rider is a fifth-generation cowboy and grew up the son of a horse trainer. He has loved rodeos and western events his entire life. He got his performing start with his family. They traveled around the country performing a variety of western acts.

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