2022 Golden Spike Rodeo Royalty

Golden Spike Rodeo Queen:  Queen ~ Charley Mae Kwapis, First Attendant ~ Mikinlee Scott,  Second Attendant ~ Ellie Thurgood

Golden Spike Rodeo Junior Queen:  Junior Queen ~ Jadlee Jo Kotter, First Attendant ~ Marlie Morris, Second Attendant ~ Tacie Hatch

Golden Spike Rodeo Princess Royalty:  Princess ~ Perri Douglas, First Attendant ~ Kylie Adams, Second Attendant ~ Indie Gray Scott

Golden Spike Roado Little Miss Royalty: Little Miss ~ Taycee Adams, First Attendant ~ Hadlee Douglas, Second Attendant ~ Mesa Stark

Golde Spike Rodeo Mini Miss Royalty:  Mini Miss ~ Madilyn Preece, First Attendant ~ Eden Middlesworth, Second Attendant ~ Indee Earl

Thanks to BRVNEWS for taking the photos of this year’s royalty.  Mini Miss photo provided by John Hurley

ATTENTION: All Rodeo Queen Committees – Please read this letter from the Golden Spike Rodeo Committee that explains the format for the rodeo as it pertains to rodeo royalty.