2021 Golden Spike Rodeo Royalty

Golden Spike Rodeo Queen – Destiny Zarate, daughter of Nick and Jenny Zarate of Tremonton,  First Attendant – Brandi Olsen, daughter of Lance and Michelle Olsen of Beaver Dam

Golden Spike Rodeo Junior Queen –  Queen – Charley Mae Kwapis, daughter of Bryan and Sheri Kwapis of Deweyville,  First Attendant – Elli Thurgood, daughter of Bryce and Sarah Thurgood of Perry,  Second Attendant – Bella Douglas, daughter of Justin and Brooke Douglas of Howell


Golden Spike Rodeo Princess –  Princess – Oakley Jones, daughter of Luke and Brianna Jones of Portage,  First Attendant – Indee Scott, daughter of Ryan and Lindsay Scott of Tremonton,  Second Attendant (not pictured) – Lilli Lillibridge, daughter of Sarah Warr of Grouse Creek


Golden Spike Rodeo Little Miss Princess – Little Miss Princess – Pearl Douglas, daughter of Justin and Brooke Douglas of Howell,  First Attendant – Perri Douglas, daughter of Justin and Brooke Douglas of Howell,  Second Attendant – Lena Miller, daughter of Ray and Crystal Miller of Corinne
Golden Spike Rodeo Mini Miss Princess – Mini Miss – Bret Mae Anderson, daughter of Ryan and McKenzie Anderson of Bear River City, First Attendant – Kinlee Conger, daughter of Dane and Stephanie Conger of Thatcher, Second Attendant – Kinlee Rasmussen, daughter of Mitch and Korinne Rasmussen of Tremonton
Thanks to Ashley Wright Photography for taking the photos of this year’s royalty.

ATTENTION: All Rodeo Queen Committees – Please read this letter from the Golden Spike Rodeo Committee that explains the format for the rodeo as it pertains to rodeo royalty.