2024 Golden Spike Rodeo Queen Royalty

Queen: Brylee Jones, 1st Attendant: Malorie Bingham, 2nd Attendant: Marlie Morris


Jr. Queen: Indee Scott, 1st Attendant: Hadlee Douglas, 2nd Attendant: Taylee Wagstaff


Princess: Paisley Anderson


Little Miss: Sawyer Mackey, 1st Attendant: Ruthy Hawkes, 2nd Attendant: Indiana Earl


Mini Miss: Dottie Sue Wolverton, 1st Attendant: Kymber Howell, 2nd Attendant: Ember Howell


Sweetheart: Sophie Edwards, 1st Attendant: Swayde Burnhope, 2nd Attendant: Seader Burnhope


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ATTENTION: All Rodeo Queen Committees РPlease read this letter from the Golden Spike Rodeo Committee that explains the format for the rodeo as it pertains to the rodeo royalties : Rodeo-Queen-letter