2019 Golden Spike Rodeo Royalty

Sr. Queen – Jerrica James, 1st attendant – Sara Glenn, 2nd Attendant – McKenna Thompson

Jr Queen – Kiwi Collier

Princess – Destiny Zarate, 1st Attendant – Hadlee Christensen
Little Miss Princess – TayCee Adams, 1st Attendant – Lilli Lillibridge, 2nd Attendant- Lena Miller, 2nd Attendant – Courtney Wilkinson
Mini Miss Princess – Hadlee Douglas, 1st Attendant – Kinlee Conger, 2nd attendant – Lenna Sue Oyler
Sweetheart Princess – Maddison Knight (Not Pictured), 1st Attendant – Ariana Deandra Ortiz

ATTENTION: All Rodeo Queen Committees – Please read this letter from the Golden Spike Rodeo Committee that explains the format for the rodeo as it pertains to rodeo royalty.